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Brisbane Landmark Historical Buildings and Sites

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There are a number of interesting Brisbane landmarks in the form of historic buildings which give a unique understanding of the city's history. The current historic buildings that prevail today have a history depicting the origins of its predecessor along with the architectural styles on which these old buildings in Brisbane were modeled. Today they represent some of Brisbane's iconic landmarks.

Convict Buildings describes the collection of buildings built during Brisbane's convict era. The two that remain today are the Commissariat Store and the old Windmll on Wickham Terrace which are the oldest buildings in Brisbane.

Customs House is the history of collecting customs duty in Brisbane along with a description of constructing both Customs Houses.

Supreme Court documents the historical sites and buildings of the Supreme Court in Brisbane.

General Post Office gives some history into how the Post Office was started in Brisbane and the construction of the General Post Office building in Brisbane.

Children's Hospital is the story of the movement to create a Children's Hospital in Brisbane to stem the high mortality rates of children from Typhoid which was rampant in Brisbane in the early years.

Brisbane Markets portrays the early efforts to create a market place to distribute the food produce from the outlying areas of Brisbane. From the early establishment in the Eagle Street area, to Roma Street to where it is now in Rocklea.

Brisbane Gaols is the story of incarceration in Brisbane. From the early days of the settlement to the construction of Boggo Road Jail.

Government Houses describes the foundation of the original Government House in Gardens Point and the decision to acquire the stately home of Fernberg in Bardon as the present Government House.

Treasury Building documents one of Brisbane City's iconic buildings and its unique building history through to its conversion into the Brisbane casino.

Old Museums is a saga of the predecessor buildings to the present South Bank home which houses the State's antiquities.

Bellevue Hotel when it existed was the premier hotel in Brisbane. Situated across from the Parliament buildings, it was the 'home away from home' for country politicians and its destruction in 1970 was controversial. It is remembered todays as one of Brisbane's historical sites.

Queensland Club is housed in a little known impressive building on the corner of Alice and George Streets. The Club's function was to lobby politicians in the interests of the wealthy elite.

Grammar School is the history of the establishment of the Brisbane Boys Grammar School. Failure to plan for the future expansion of Brisbane forced this establishment to move from Roma Street to Gregory Terrace.

Brisbane Hospitals is an account of formation of the Royal Brisbane Hospital and its struggle to stay viable.

Yungaba State Immigration Office and Reception Centre is located at Kangaroo Point. Built to provide a standard of accommodation that encouraged immigration to Queensland since 1886, the building had many guises during its history. The name "Yungaba" is Gubbi Gubbi Aboriginal language for "place of sunshine"

Landmark old buildings in brisbane historic buildings and sites along with iconic Brisbane landmarks.