Strange Murder Case Broadwater Road Tingalpa in 1881

This crime was committed in what is now known as the suburb of Rochedale along the Mt Cotton Road which was then know as Broadwater Road Tingalpa. Pillinger Road in this area is probably where the family of Pillinger lived.

Michael J. Minnis, a young man about 25 years of age, is charged with having, at Broadwater, wilfully and maliciously murdered William Pillinger. This strange murder case is documented in the links to the Brisbane Courier newspaper of the day.

Police Court

Tuesday 4 October 1881

Tuesday 11 October 1881

Wednesday 12 October 1881

Thursday 13 October 1881

Wednesday 19 October 1881

Saturday 22 October 1881

Supreme Court

BEFORE his Honour Mr. Justice Harding (Bio).

Michael John Minnis was charged with having, on the 30th September last, at Tingalpa, feloniously, wilfully and of malice aforethought, murdered one William Pillinger.

The Attorney General prosecuted on behalf of the Crown, and Mr. Swanwick appeared for the prisoner.

Tuesday 22 November 1881

Wednesday 23 November 1881

Thursday 24 November 1881

Friday 25 November 1881

Saturday 26 November 1881

Monday 28 November 1881

Tuesday 29 November 1881

Wednesday 30 November 1881

Thursday 1 December 1881

Friday 2 December 1881

Saturday 3 December 1881

BEFORE his Honour Mr. Justice Harding (Bio).

This was a special sitting for the trial of Michael John Minnis, for the murder of William Pillinger, the jury on the previous trial, commenced on the 21st November last, having been unable to agree upon their verdict.

The Attorney General, with Mr Power, appeared to prosecute, and Mr Swanwick for the prisoner, who pleaded ' not guilty'

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