Grisly Murder in New Farm Brisbane Qld

Two lads were rowing down the river to search at New Farm for a bunch of keys which had been lost there by one of a picnic party on Saturday. They saw the body of a man lying on the muddy rocks of the bank. With assistance, the body was got on shore. It was quite naked, and a large stone and fire bar were tied to the right thigh by a stout piece of Manila rope

Initial Report

Tuesday 4 January 1870

William Prendergast, and his wife, Mary, were brought up on suspicion of being concerned in the murder of Patrick Hartnett.

Police Court

Thursday 20 January 1870

Thursday 17 February 1870

Saturday 19 February 1870

Monday 21 February 1870

Supreme Court

BEFORE His Honor Sir James Cockle (Bio) the Chief Justice

William Pender alias Prendergast, was arraigned charged with having, at Fortitude
Valley, on the 2nd January, 1870, feloniously, and with malice aforethought, killed and murdered one Patrick Hartnett.

Tuesday 1 March 1870

Thursday 3 March 1870

Friday 4 March 1870

Tuesday 29 March 1870

Public Opinion

Saturday 12 March 1870

Tuesday 15 March 1870

Friday 18 March 1870