Brisbane History Index to Newspaper Accounts

The newspaper section contains newspaper stories of prominent murder trials in Brisbane as well as a reported murder suicides and the great fire that razed a large block of Brisbane's Queen Street in 1864.

The individual pages contain hyperlinks to the National Library of Australia Australian Newspapers beta web site. This site contains digitised images of historical Australian newspapers.

The court cases concerning murder in each different circumstance, contain a detailed transcript of the trials. All evidence is produced, arguments debated, the summing up, verdict and sentencing. Each page, where possible, has graphics as to the location of the incident as well as prominent characters in the courtroom.

These court cases give an insight as to the social norms of the day and moral attitudes. Forensic science was in its infancy. At the time, the crime of murder was punishable by hanging and the crime of manslaughter brought a sentence of life imprisonment. Juries agonized over the guilt, the degrees of guilt or innocence of the accused.

During the year 1864 two fires razed large parts of Queen Street. First hand accounts of what happened are contained in the court of inquiry.