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brisbane panorama

Historic Brisbane Panoramas 1862 to 1897

These are a series of panoramas of Brisbane in the early years from 1862 to 1897. These panoramas were constructed from images on the State Library of Queensland's pictorial database and knitted together using an image editor. The individual images in some cases were not of the same consistent quality and hence a patchwork appearance is evident.

The Wickham Terrace panoramas are taken from Wickham Terrace at the Observatory (what is known as the old Windmill) or in near proximity. They document the changing face of Brisbane in the 30 year period. Certain Brisbane landmarks remain constant. Click the links below to view the panorama:

Wickham Tce 1862

Wickham Tce 1870

Wickham Tce 1875

Wickham Tce 1886

Wickham Tce 1895

The Bowen Terrace Panorama was photographed by Slater in 1870 from Bowen Terrace in New Farm. The city of Brisbane is depicted from the river frontage with early wharf construction at Eagle Street. Gas lighting which was introduced to Brisbane some years earlier has its evidence in the Gas Works on the river's edge. Limited industrialization and housing at Kangaroo Point is shown as well as the pristine nature of what is now Woolloongabba and East Brisbane. Click the link below to view this panorama:

Bowen Tce 1870

In 1888 an artist, named Clarson, sketched a 'bird's eye' view of Brisbane. This was an astonishing task given that he sketched this without being elevated into the sky. It shows in accurate detail the buildings and layout of Brisbane. The image is 4 times larger that the computer screen so that the intricate nature of the drawing can be portrayed. You need to navigate with the page sliders to fully view the image portrayed on the link below:

Clarson Ink Drawing 1888

The Roma Street Railway Station Panorama was taken from the smoke stack of the newly completed powerhouse at Petrie Terrace. This powerhouse generated electricity for the city's trams. It depicts the development of the Roma Street region. Click the link below to view this panorama:

Roma St 1897