queen street fire

Historical Fires in Queen Street Brisbane

April 1864

This photograph taken from the corner of Edward Street and Queen Street, looking south. The large building visible at the top of the rise on the right was originally the convict barracks then Parliament and Court buildings, constructed in 1827 - 1828 and demolished in 1881. The two-storey buildings in the foreground were the North Brisbane Hotel on the left and R. A. Kingsford's store on the right. Most of the substantial buildings in the foreground were destroyed by fire in April 1864.

Newspaper Reports

Tuesday 12 April 1864

Wednesday 13 April 1864

Thursday 14 April 1864

Friday 15 April 1864

This photograph shows the rebuilt premises of R.A. Kingsford and Fegan and Co after the fire.

December 1864

This photograph shows Queen Street before the fires taken from midway between Edward and Creek Streets looking south to George Street. The buildings destroyed in the fire in December 1864 were on the left hand side between Albert and George Streets.

This photograph shows the devastation after the fire from the western side of Queen street between George and Albert streets, looking north to Albert Street.

Newspaper Reports

Friday 2 December 1864

Tuesday 6 December 1864

Saturday 17 December 1864