Woolloongabba meaning.

Wulonkoppa (Woolloongabba) and its Aboriginal Meaning

If it be true that a Frenchman can only speak English with a French accent, then similarly we in Australia who in speaking English can only pronounce the various aboriginal names with our own accent. Most aboriginal names have been anglicized and euphemized e.g. (Wulon-koppa to Woolloongabba) (Nyindurupilly to Indooroopilly) and the like.

The meaning of Woolloongabba, to give it the everyday modern spelling, is derived from the words “Wooloon" fight talk and “gabba" a place. The favourite fighting place of the tribes south of Brisbane was at Woolloongabba. Two ridges (Vulture St. and Hawthorne St.) near each other ran along each side of the Woolloongabba Railway Goods Yards (Woolloongabba Bus Station).

The railway levels occupied about the site of the narrow flat that lay between these ridges. It formed a neutral ground upon which the foot of hostile foemen dare not tread. The neutral place was preserved on all “sullen pullen" or fighting grounds. On these opposite ridges the opposing tribes ranged themselves. A Bora (ceremonial) ring and Bora-ground existed behind the site of the Railway Hotel Woolloongabba (Chalk Hotel).

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