Brisbane History Potpourri - Historical Culture and Events

1893 Brisbane Floods depicts the greatest flood to strike Brisbane in recorded history in pictorial and narrative format.

Lang's immigrants is an article written by Nut Quad in one of the newspapers of the day. It depicts the story of the immigrants Dr J.D. Lang had enticed to immigrate to Brisbane. Lang was a campaigner for free protestant citizens to immigrate to Australia, bringing with them their trades, to put an end to the convict transportation.

The Brisbane Riot of 1866 was started by the navvies working on the fledgling railway but soon spread to a protest by the unemployed of Brisbane seeking work. Here are some stories of the period.

Hangman's tales tells the tales of hangings which occurred in the old prison on Petrie Terrace and the macabre practice of severing the heads of the victims for scientific purposes.

Ghosts of Brisbane is a modern day account of the ghosts that presumably haunt the various suburbs of Brisbane.

River Steamers are two stories which appeared in the newspapers of the River Steamers which plied the waters to the various small ports surrounding Brisbane.

The Pearl Tragedy depicts the sinking of one of Brisbane's ferries, the Pearl, and the loss of life. It was akin to a passenger aircraft crash of today.

Brisbane Courier is some early history of what is now Brisbane's newspaper the Courier - Mail. Its beginnings and procession of editors.

Brisbane Theatres is a depiction of what entertainment was available in Brisbane during this period and where the old theatres were established.