Convict Era Introduction

In May 1825 Captain Miller selected the triangle of land bounded on two sides by the Brisbane River and the escarpment which is now Wickham Terrace. He considered the area to be defendable as well as providing a natural barrier against escape by the convict population. It also had a water supply in the form of a now non-existent creek later named Wheat Creek.

The layout and early buildings of Moreton Bay Settlement along with harshness inflicted on the convict population are told in these sections.

Convict Buildings

Convict Era

The main instrument of punishment in the settlement was the treadmill which accompanied the windmill in the milling of corn to maintain the need for food in the settlement.

Windmill & Treadmill

A journalist was able to interview an ex convict who remained in Brisbane after the convict settlement closed down. It is a first hand account of the wretched existence the convict population endured during this time.

Convict's Tale