Index of the People of Early Brisbane

Andrew Petrie was a builder who was tasked by the New South Wales government to improve the building standards in the convict settlement of Moreton Bay. He remained after the convict era to construct many iconic Brisbane buildings.

John Williams was the first free white citizen of the Moreton Bay settlement. He was granted permission to 'Squat' on land at South Brisbane. He started a trading post to cater for the needs of the squatters in the South East area of Queensland.

John Buhot was instrumental in creating the sugar industry in Queensland. His knowledge of sugar refining along with the help of influential Brisbane citizens pioneered the first sugar refining process in Queensland.

James Davis alias Duramboi is the life story of one of Brisbane's colourful characters. Sent to Moreton Bay Settlement as a convict under Captain Logan's rule, he escaped and was accepted as part of the Aboriginal tribe around Fraser Island. Enticed by Andrew Petrie to return to civilization, he became part of Brisbane's folklore.

Dundalli is the story of a renegade aboriginal who was a figure in early Brisbane folklore. The story of his capture and hanging brings to the fore the uneasy relationship between the aboriginals and early British settlers.

Queensland Governors is the procession of Governors who governed Queensland prior to and after statehood. It documents the origins of districts and rivers named after them.

Brisbane Doctors is an commentary of the medical men who practiced in Brisbane in the early years along with some interestinganecdotes.

Brisbane Lawyers sketches the lives and times of the legal fraternity in the early part of Brisbane's History.