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Historic Photo Albums of Old Brisbane - Introduction to Gallery

Old Photo Albums

The photographic collection of the State Library of Queensland has many old time photographs and images of Brisbane and suburbs from the period of Statehood to Federation. The historic photographs of Brisbane in this collection are indexed on old maps.

These historical photographs are represented by symbols on the maps and are hyperlinked to the State Library of Queensland's server. The year span represented on the links indicate the period when the collection of photographs on these maps were taken.

Hover over each symbol and a description of the photograph is revealed. A white backbround means the image has not been visited whereas the blue background means that you have visited this image.

When you click each symbol, an image of an historic photo is loaded in separate tab. This means that the photographs of old Brisbane you select are contained on your browser and the map page remains in its separate tab.

These symbols represent streetscapes or panoramas taken from approximately this location and the direction of the arrowhead represents the approximate direction of the photograph.

Access Brisbane old photos through these links:

Panoramas of Early Brisbane

Find out how Brisbane looked from Wickham Terrace and Bowen Terrace from 1862 to 1897 through panoramic photos. Access the panoramas by clicking this link:

Historic Brisbane Panoramas 1862 to 1897

Brisbane Then and Now

View how Brisbane has evolved throug images of Brisbane streetscapes from what was then and how it looks now. The historical images span the period from 1870 to 1900. Click on the link below to access these images:

Brisbane Then and Now Pictorial

Historic photos and old photos of Brisbane history.