Early settlers recollections of brisbane

Early Settler Recollections of Brisbane, Queensland

These reminiscences and recollections were probably published in newspapers or journals of the day. They give us some understanding of life in Brisbane before 1900 through the eyes of early settlers.

Archibald Meston's recollections was as journalist which is evidenced in his writings. He was also an active sportsman, explorer and politician. He was one of the first to document the customs and languages of the aboriginal peoples. He held for some time the controversial position of Protector of Aboriginals for central and southern Queensland. He gives some account of parts of Brisbane as well as some acquaintances in the 1860s

Victor Drury was the son of Albert Victor Drury a prominent identity and early settler in Brisbane. He grew up in Brisbane and recollects his days in the legal profession as well as the military. This is a fascinating account of Brisbane in the period 1870 to 1900.

George Holt was an immigrant under the Rev John Dunmore Lang's plan to settle Brisbane. As a settler, he recollects memories of the steam ship trade through Brisbane and the efforts to make Cleveland a port.

Early settler, Thomas Roper was an immigrant on the ship the 'Fortitude' and came to Brisbane in 1849. His description of Queen Street Brisbane is one of the earliest recollections of the businesses and personalities of early settlers prior to separation.

He details the problems of the Lang sponsored settlers dealing with the government representatives. Descriptions of a Corroboree that took place on what is now Victoria Park as well as recounting the historical stories to the period ending in 1870.

H.A.P. is the initials of a contributor to one of the newspapers of the day. He recollects the details of the businesses in Queen Street and of Spring Hill in about the 1870 -1880s.

Epitaphs is a story written and published in the newspaper the 'Truth' about 1909 before the paddington cemetery on Hale Street, Petrie Terrace was demolished and turned into Lang Park (Suncorp Stadium). The journalist recounts the lives and history of those early settlers buried there. It is a intimate record of the pioneers of Brisbane.